New Grant from Wells Fargo to Support Mission Families

Providing vulnerable families with case management, mentorship and guidance to remain in housing are some of the many services provided through the transitional programs at Denver Rescue Mission. With the Denver metro area facing increasing challenges surrounding affordable and available housing, our programs at the Mission are essential in helping families obtain stability.

With the generous financial support of the Wells Fargo Foundation, the Mission’s Family Rescue Ministry (FRM), Family Refugee Services (FRS) and STAR Transitional Program can now expand their reach. “The impact of this grant will contribute to placing approximately 170 homeless families and refugees into permanent stable housing,” said Tom Leavitt, director of family services.

New Grant from Wells Fargo to Support Mission Families 1

The funding will provide financial support to help with move-in fees, social support to help develop positive relationships, and basic needs such as food, clothing and furniture. It will also offer guidance to help families meet goals such as personal development, family stability and successful employment. “About 90 percent of the families we serve remain in housing after a year, demonstrating the impact of these programs, which are made possible through the support provided by generous individuals and organizations like Wells Fargo ,” Tom said.

New Grant from Wells Fargo to Support Mission Families 3

Wells Fargo’s Vice President of Community Relations, Kelly Donovan, explains why it is important for Wells Fargo to support the Mission.

“Home is a sanctuary—now more than ever before,” Kelly said. “Home should be the place where we feel safe, where we can thrive and where we can recharge. At Wells Fargo, we believe everyone deserves this opportunity, which is why we value our partnership with Denver Rescue Mission.”

In addition to financial support, the Wells Fargo group has volunteered at the Mission’s meal services. The organization has also provided financial health training to individuals living at The Crossing, the Mission’s residential facility.

New Grant from Wells Fargo to Support Mission Families 2

We are so blessed for the continued support of the Wells Fargo Foundation, which allows us to continue to meet people at their physical and spiritual points of need. We are grateful for this partnership as we work together to support vulnerable families in the Denver community.

Written by: Isabella Moore-Munoz, Content and Photography Intern