Provide Hope to the Hungry with 97.3 KBCO

Haunaleigh and her husband were out of money and time and in desperate need of food and shelter:

“Me and my husband were together and I think for a good week, what we lived off of was protein bars and candy bars.”

But thanks to someone just like you giving a gift to Denver Rescue Mission, the couple joined the STAR Transitional Program and will have a meal and care this Thanksgiving season.

Join 97.3 KBCO to provide meals, shelter, and care at Denver Rescue Mission this Thanksgiving season, just $1.92 at a time!

Nothing’s more inspiring than a transformed life, and this Thanksgiving, hope at Denver Rescue Mission can start when you give today.

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Join 97.3 KBCO and Provide Hope to the Hungry 2

Tune In and Change Lives on November 10

Join us as we partner with 97.3 KBCO to provide Thanksgiving meals and care to those in need in our community. And be sure to tune in to 97.3 FM all day on November 10 to hear amazing stories of the lives you transform.