Our Family Rescue Ministry program provides first month’s rent and deposit assistance for families and seniors experiencing homelessness (often their biggest barrier into permanent housing), as well as mentors from the community who provide the relationship support and morale needed to maintain long-term housing stability.

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for all the Mission has done for me.  My apartment is awesome! I will never take having a place to live for granted again. … [Family Rescue Ministry] turned a hopeless life into a life of being able to have a place to lay my head every night. Forever I will be thankful for that.”

Steve, Family Rescue Ministry participant

You Can Help Change the Lives of Families

Thousands of families with children and senior citizens are experiencing homelessness in metro Denver. Thanks to the Mission’s Family Rescue Ministry, you have the rewarding opportunity to mentor one of these families or seniors as they transition into long-term stable housing.

Make a direct and lasting impact on the life of one of these families, and your own life, by becoming their mentor.

Need help? Learn more about getting help through Family Rescue Ministry.

Who Are these Families?

The families we help are people like Tiffany.

Within a month after receiving a Section 8 voucher, Tiffany found an apartment—her own place to call home—just for her and her son Quincy. Family Rescue Ministry covered Tiffany’s security deposit.

“It was unbelievable,” she said. “I got my own place.”

After moving in, Tiffany frequently met with her mentor, Stephanie. Together, they created a budget and a savings plan. Stephanie helped her set career goals and talked through ways to cultivate her relationship with Quincy, now four years old.

“She’s an incredibly goal-oriented person,” Stephanie said. “I realized that about her the moment I met her.”

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How We Help

Each year FRM transitions around 150 families experiencing homelessness into permanent housing. One year after completing the program, an average of 90% of families remain in permanent, stable housing. But our most important service in Family Rescue Ministry is provided through mentors like you, who work alongside our families to help with basic needs and goals, budgeting skills and relationship support.

We also help through:

  • Financial Assistance: Up to $1,500 toward first month’s rent and security deposit (additional $500 incentives)
  • Resources: Food, clothing furniture, household items, and other support services
  • Professional Services: Case management direction and community networking
  • Spiritual support: Christian compassion and hope

How You Can Mentor Families and Seniors in Need

The journey our families and seniors travel from being homeless into permanent housing and self-sufficiency is very challenging. It is essential for their success not to travel this journey alone. They need the support of a trusting mentor who cares about them, listens well and provides valuable guidance.

Relationships with families transitioning out of homelessness are built by:

  • Learning about each other
  • Praying for or with the family
  • Sharing the hope of Jesus Christ
  • Providing guidance for daily struggles
  • Modeling a life of character and faith

Two are better off than one, because they can help one another succeed.  If one of them falls, the other can reach out and help.  But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (NLT)

Each mentee identifies with their case manager three main goals they want to achieve and the steps to meet those goals (e.g. organize a budget and open a savings account). The case manager meets monthly with the mentees to review their progress for achieving their goals. Mentors are asked to provide their mentees with motivation and guidance to enhance the progress of meeting these goals.

I felt we accomplished something positive in Sareen’s life after completing her goals worksheet, when she said  “I paid off my washer and dryer and cut up my credit cards to get out of debt.”

Mentors Mike and Jonna (Bridge Church)

Each mentee identifies with their case manager three main needs and the steps to meet those needs (e.g. food, clothing and furniture items). The case manager meets monthly with the mentees to review if the needs are being met. Mentors are asked to provide their mentees with motivation and support to help meet these basic needs.

Our team completed our 7th meeting with Karen. We have a great relationship with her and enjoy our meetings with her. We have been able to help her purchase a car tire and mirror, complete her food stamps application and file her taxes. She was so appreciative and is at this time able to pay all her bills.

Mentor Team Leader, Janice (Broomfield United Methodist)

Time Considerations

Mentoring a family or senior is rewarding, and best of all, it doesn’t take a large time commitment.

Mentors contact their mentee’s two to three times a month for about six months. Mentors can communicate with a family or senior in-person (following COVID-19 safety guidelines), by phone, online, by text, or by email.

Mentoring Safely During COVID-19

In view of social distancing adjustments with COVID we ask mentoring and mentee communication to be as follows:

  • Face to face meetings are only an a option if both mentors and mentees agree to meet and follow the Colorado Department of Public health guidelines for COVID 19: https://covid19.colorado.gov/public-health-orders
  • Otherwise we are asking mentors to communicate with their family or seniors via phone calls, emails, text or virtual meetings

Volunteer Resources

Become a Mentor

Want to help mentor a family in need? Contact us to learn more about becoming a mentor with the Mission.

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Meet Our Team

Have questions or want to message our team about your mentoring experience? Find out more here.

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Together, We Are Changing Lives

Family Rescue Ministry 3

The Brandy’s with their mentors, Pastor Dwayne & Sharon of MeanStreet Worship Center

The Brandy’s

“MeanStreet Worship Center is grateful to come alongside FRM for over 15 years. We have seen many lives changed thru our mentoring partnership. Many families have been given a new start in life becoming self-sufficient productive members of our communities.  We continue to see success in the lives of adults and their children and look forward to seeing even more transformed lives in the future together.”

– Pastor Dwayne, Mean Street Worship Center

Josh Montoya

“As a single working Dad without a home and limited resources I it felt like the doors of opportunity kept closing on us until Family Rescue Ministry helped us move into our own home and gave us valuable mentoring and staff support.”

– Josh

Family Rescue Ministry 2

Josh pictured with Reed Richardson, Mission staff with Family Rescue Ministry