As temperatures drop, donations can be a lifeline for the people we serve. That’s why we’re grateful for our partnership with CBS4 this month. Through their Spread the Warmth campaign, they’re encouraging viewers to take a few simple steps to help our homeless and vulnerable neighbors this winter.

Cash donations will help keep our facilities open to anyone and everyone who needs our services. While donations of winter items like hats, gloves and coats will help protect our homeless neighbors from the elements. One of our STAR Transitional Program participants, Michelle, knows the importance of a warm meal and a safe place to sleep all too well. Michelle became homeless after she left an abusive relationship and couldn’t find an affordable place to live. For years, she slept in parks and underneath bridges and used tea light candles to keep herself warm. One of her lowest memories was when she had to dig through a Taco Bell dumpster just to find something to eat.

Michelle, STAR Transitional Program participant

Watch more of Michelle’s incredible story of perseverance in this CBS feature interview.

Donations during the winter months, and all throughout the year, help sustain our programs and emergency services to ensure that we can lift up people like Michelle and give them hope. Thanks to Spread the Warmth, we can be that refuge to thousands of men, women and children seeking help this winter.  

To learn more about Spread the Warmth and ways you can get involved, visit