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For the families we serve at Denver Rescue Mission, the holidays can be filled with stress and unknowns. Many families are supporting multiple children, trying to provide for both their basic needs and their Christmas wish lists.

Supporting the parents/guardians and children in our STAR Transitional Program is important all year-round, but especially during the holidays. One way we do this is through our Denver Broncos Youth Center, commonly known as the Broncos Room, which offers a safe place for kids to complete their homework and to just be kids.

“They are very helpful with your homework and just try to get you the most support you can need. Everyone is just so nice and if you ever need anything, they have it covered.”

Sponsor the Youth Center’s Broncos Store this Holiday Season 3

During this holiday season, you can support the Mission’s youth programs by helping to stock up the “Broncos Store.” Registration is currently open to give toys, art supplies, and other items.

We Need Your Help to Purchase Gifts for Children in the Youth Center

The Mission has collaborated with the Denver Broncos to provide this space where children can get after-school tutoring and other enrichment programs. We offer a “Broncos Store” as part of the Broncos Room to assist our kids in learning a variety of life skills. The Broncos Store has a positive reinforcement system in which children can earn “Broncos Bucks” by concentrating on and completing their homework, being kind, or volunteering.

Children can “buy” a choice of toys or school supplies at the Broncos Store using their earned Broncos Bucks. The children then experience a sense of pride in knowing that they worked hard and achieved something on their own. For children of all ages, this approach has proven to be a motivating and exciting aspect of going to the Broncos Room.

In addition to being used as rewards for good behavior, items from the Broncos Store are also given as birthday presents for children during a monthly Birthday Bash! These items bring much-needed joy and recognition to so many deserving children.

Help us stock the Broncos Store!

After you sign up to be a sponsor, you’ll get a detailed wish list that you can use to shop for new items.